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Securitization of Society by Schuilenburg, Marc ; Garland, David ; Hall, George
Securitization of Society: Crime, Risk, and Social Order
by Schuilenburg, Marc ; Garland, David ; Hall, George

Traditionally, security has been the realm of the state and its uniformed police. However, in the last two decades, many actors and agencies, including schools, clubs, housing corporations, hospitals, shopkeepers, insurers, energy suppliers and even private citizens, have enforced some form of security, effectively changing its delivery, and overall role.

In The Securitization of Society, Marc Schuilenburg establishes a new critical perspective for examining the dynamic nature of security and its governance. Rooted in the works of the French philosophers Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Gabriel Tarde, this book explores the ongoing structural and cultural changes that have impacted security in Western society from the 19th century to the present. By analyzing the new hybrid of public-private security, this volume provides deep insight into the processes of securitization and modern risk management for the police and judicial authorities as well as other emerging parties. Schuilenburg draws upon four case studies of increased securitization in Europe - monitoring marijuana cultivation, urban intervention teams, road transport crime, and the collective shop ban - in order to raise important questions about citizenship, social order, and the law within this expanding new paradigm. An innovative, interdisciplinary approach to criminological theory that incorporates philosophy, sociology, and political science, The Securitization of Society reveals how security is understood and enacted in urban environments today.

Published 2015-07-10 by New York University Press, Hardcover, 368 Pages, ISBN: 9781479854219, ISBN-10: 1479854212, List Price $89.00.

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