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About Labyrinth Books
About Labyrinth Books | Princeton | Warehouse

Labyrinth is an acclaimed independent bookstore for engaged readers.

We can always be relied upon to provide those books that form the backbone of current debates both inside and outside of the universities. This commitment to new developments is matched by an equal commitment to the longevity of books: we stock our backlist titles with the greatest of care, mindful that "kites rise against the wind, not with it." (L. Mumford)

Labyrinth serves Princeton University in all its course-book needs, taking a hands-on approach to assuring that students get their books and currently featuring a pilot program that provides students enrolled at Princeton with a 30% discount on their coursebooks.

Our store is meant to be a place in which to get lost in the best of ways: so you can find what you didn't know you were looking for. It is conceived as a site for an ongoing exchange of ideas with a full program of author-events. Our collaborations with other cultural, political, and academic institutions or groups derive from a commitment to keeping a culture of reading alive, and to reaching across intellectual as well as social divides.

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